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Men's Worldwide Date Coaching

Phoenix-Scottsdale Singles Club

While many men enter elevateYOU directly, for those that can benefit from it, we work with you too! The truth is, you have to become what you want to attract. If you want a woman who is attractive, stylish, articulate, interesting, successful and physically fit, you need to be all those things first. If you already are, fantastic, if you're not quite there let us change your life! While remaining true to self, we coach, re-package and transform men into the ideal mate for highly desirable women and connect you with them too through the club's membership. We elevate your game and our female members are very supportive of the concept. They also LOVE that we help the nice guys, they WANT to WANT a nice guy! We make it easy!


Our founder, Jacqueline von Hardy is one of those power women but unlike many, she embraced the nice guy and together they have built a life of abundance! The Hardy's have been happily married for nearly a decade, have 2 beautiful children, travel the world, live in their dream home, are highly educated, financially strong, have successfully climbed the social ladder and are living the American dream.










We at elevateYOU, LLC are challenging the old saying that nice guys finish last. We think you're the best catch in town! We also get the unique needs and concerns of successful singles looking for a partner in life. Stop wasting your time with on dehumanizing online profiles and Voodoo matchmakers.  We're here to tell you, there is a better way, the elevateYOU, LLC way!


We are not a dating service, we are an exclusive club of successful singles and for some, also a transformation company specializing in making you the best man you can be, and then introducing you to highly desirable women in the Phoenix-Scottsdale metropolitan area. Women in our membership include Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists, Therapists, Corporate professionals, Business owners, Fitness professionals and Cover models. They have brains, beauty and most importantly, heart. They are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. We have a strict NO gold digger policy but since these ladies have their own thing going, it's easy to enforce. They're the kind of women you're proud to bring home to mom and can actually build a future with.

Jacqueline wants this for everyone and has the unique ability to improve and connect men-with-potential to women-with-prowess. She's that female friend, the one that tells it like it is, fixes you up, cheers you on and introduces you to women whom you would otherwise never meet. She wants to be that friend for you!

Mediocrity is for suckers...It's time for you to take it to the next level and date elevated!

What if NICE guys actually finished FIRST? 

How it works 2

How does it work?


Gentlemen, what you're doing isn't working! Otherwise, why else would you be checking us out? You're a nice guy and you're successful so what's the problem? You go where approachable single women go, but when you approach them they weren't so approachable after all! When you finally break the ice, you find they are the exact opposite of what you're looking for, but only after you bought that round of drinks. 

So you go electronic to weed through the BS but you're wasting your time online dating. Your thoughtfully written private messages are getting lost in the bulging inboxes of the kind of women you desire (trust me). You've been turned into a checklist and it's dehumanizing. It's time to try something NEW!


Let elevateYOU connect you with the high caliber women you desire! BONUS: If you can benefit from it, we will get you into the best dating-shape of your life too!

We do this in 5 basic steps...

Gentlemen, our process...


1. Let's Meet

  • ElevateYOU, LLC is an exclusive club. After we meet I'll make an evaluation and recommend next steps. I will only accept you if you're right for the club, have potential or believe I can help you. 



  • Already awesome and just had bad luck? Fantastic! We may invite you to join the elevateYOU club directly!

  • Got potential?  Let me bring it out! At elevateYOU, Nice guys do finish FIRST! We know you're a good catch but we need to bring it to the surface. Frankly, you haven't been fishing with the right bait. We'll take care of that by transforming you into the ideal mate through our Men's Elevation program. Everyone is unique and we'll make customized recommendations individualized for you and coach you during the process. We'll be your wing-woman, you'll finally get honest, real answers, and help! Recommended services and experiences can include a combination of social, romantic and motivational coaching, diet and exercise programs, personal makeovers including wardrobe, grooming and styling and to make you more interesting, unique experiences like desert shooting with real-life contractors (think Blackwater), ropes and obstacle courses, skydiving, worldly travel and even shark cage dives. In the end, you'll feel more attractive, interesting and confident than ever before! You'll start living your life elevated and be in the best possible position for success with the high caliber women you desire. In short, let us bring out your AWESOME and know that elevateYOU ladies LOVE that we do this!


3. Become a Member

  • By invitation only, you may join the elevateYOU club! You'll meet some of the most desirable women in the Phoenix Valley in a fun, organic, no-pressure environment. Male clients of elevateYOU, LLC have included everyone from Doctors to Professional Race Car Drivers.

  • We're friends! It's a fun, non-competitive environment, we care about our community and engage with local charities so join us to get both your romance and your bromance brewing!


4. Introduction to TOTAL PACKAGE women!

  • Female members of elevateYOU are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. Women in our membership include Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists, Therapists, Corporate professionals, Business owners, Fitness professionals and Cover models. They have brains, beauty and most importantly, heart. They're looking for relationships and marriage. We have a strict NO gold digger policy and when it comes to their finances,  these ladies WANT a man, they don't NEED one. 

  • Forget awkard first dates, blind dates, ineffective matchmakers, and uncomfortable one-liners and say hello to organic dating where you meet naturally amongst friends.


5. Meet Awesome Singles at EXCLUSIVE Parties

  • This is where the magic happens. Members mix and mingle at exclusive, unique, free parties and events where the pressure and nerves get checked at the door. Remember, you're amoungst friends...they all just happen to be single, attractive and successful! Meet Mrs. Right... NOT Mrs. Right-Now!

  • It's a casual lunch or happy hour, it's Sushi-n-Sake with a LIVE Sushi Model!  elevateYOU, LLC specializes in throwing unique events, organic ice-breaking and knows how to work the room. We keep it small, manageable and fun. Trust me, you want to get on the guest list!

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