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"I sat down with Jacqui and went on this journey with her and I'm going to tell you not only am I working half of the hours but now I have started 3 business and all of them are thriving completely. I can not say enough. I'm telling you my entire world has changed because of her."
                                                -Tiffany, CEO

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"As an investor I always look for the best possible company to invest in...we, all deserve the best in life and all life has to offer, so this investment in "ME" was the smartest investment I have made in my life. I've met so many great women."
-George, Investor, Author & USMC-Special Forces

"She walks the talk and is the real deal! I can't thank Jacqueline enough for all that she has done for me!"

-Vin, Formula Renault Racing Driver, Shanghai F1 

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Brian Korzec Thank You For Being Born FB

"Thank you for being born and creating elevateYOU! I've been dating the one!" 
-Brian, John's Hopkins University

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"A very compassionate woman, who wants to see you succeed, not drag out your coach/client relationship in order to generate more revenue. Take it from a recent graduate of this course, it works! Yes, I found and married my dream girl!                          -David, Business Owner

"When I was first starting out with building my own business, Jacqueline played an integral part in educating me on how to go about building a strong foundation. Due to her incredible skills in teaching and building others up, she built up my confidence in myself and my business...and that is how I was able to convert more leads to clients. Jacqueline teaches from experience and also by example. I can’t recommend her enough."

-Dr. Steph, Business Owner, PT & Fitness Model


After one week..."I already got my money's worth!"

-Dr. Jeff, Chiropractor

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"Jacqueline and her partners are as clear thinking and rational as any females I have ever encountered. In fact they are brilliant. They really have mastered this well. It is rock solid advice."

-Scott, Entrepreneur, Author and Inventor

"As a CEO and someone who has built a multi seven-figure company there's very few people I trust and Jacqueline is one of those people who I rely on regularly as a guide and as a sounding board. She's always got valuable perspective to get me moving in the right direction."

-Olivia, CEO

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"Unsolicited Endorsement here.  If you’re in the program take it seriously. The coaches know of which they speak. If you’re not in the program, get with it. It’s worth every dime and hour you put in!"

-Jason, CTO Space Systems Defense

"elevateYOU has guided me to overcome decades of self doubt, anxiety and insecurity. I'm seeing dividends in my career from my increased self confidence." 


-Joe, Business Development Leader

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" wasn't love at first site but second sight. I am speechless. We got engaged in late February and we're planning a wedding in June! Thank you so much." 

-Wes, Business Owner

"I just have to say that this program is amazing. Not just anybody can take this program. You first go though a screening process to see if you're a candidate. All the coaches want you to succeed, and they show how much they care. I have already seen changes in my life and are meeting people now. If you follow their program and do the work, you WILL have success!"

-Steve, Quality Assurance

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"I did not settle for just anyone. I did what I was supposed to do. I followed the directions I was given and boom... on the 28th of May I asked her to marry me, and she said YES!...and on the 18th of July, we got married!"

-John, Design Engineer

"Our coaches are great “models.".  They are business owners and other types of professionals.  They have plenty of relationship experience and great values. They are absolute winners. I don’t think that Jacqueline brought them into her organization by accident.  She knew who she wanted to have working with us."

-Ken, Business Support Leader

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"Just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for you and your program...The woman I'm dating is simply amazing...When I told her about my cancer and upcoming treatment she asked what she could do for me and told me that she'd be there for me. I honestly didn't know how to answer that question since I had essentially gone through treatment alone, even when I was married."

-Mike, Physician's Assistant-ER 

Erich Schindlar FB Testimonial Review Pi

"It's a must if you truly want to find your perfect partner. No BS!" 

-Erich, Police Officer

"Your program is kickass! My life has been changed forever!  I consider it miraculous that Jacqueline just “showed up” on my iPhone in a video talking to me." 

-Brian, Engineer

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"It's more than just a program...there is a reason for everything they do, everything they say. These ladies are coaching you to be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be and that is where it's at. Follow what these ladies say believe it or not it works!

-Will, Business Owner

"Coach Jacqueline is amazing!! Jacqueline has great ideas and insight... Actually all of the coaches are awesome! I learned different things from all of the coaches!" 

-Mike, Commercial Real Estate Investor

James Billman from FB Post with Rav Revi

"I took her on a business trip to Ireland, stayed in a castle for six days, and asked her to marry me at the formal Gala with the Earl of the Castle. Just goes to show how fast life can change. I couldn't be happier. Keep to your course!"

-James, CEO & Investor

"My experience with Jacqueline was...FANTASTIC! I found the elevateYOU program to be quite effective - follow the coaches advice and you will have increased confidence that will benefit both your dating life and your career. Well worth it if you are willing to put in the effort and follow the advice." 

-Robert, MBA, Sales Leader

"Jacqueline is amazing! I feel very blessed to have experienced the elevateYOU program. I have been inspired and humbled by what I have learned about myself, women and life. Jacqueline, you have built me up higher than I have ever been. I am sincerely and completely grateful."

-Jim, Elevator Specialist 

"Jacqueline knows what she is talking about from the basis of a successful business. If you don't make the decision to invest in yourself and hire this woman, I really don't have anything more for you. You can do it with her expert advice! No more excuses!"

-John, IT Leader


"I am so thankful! Stick with her and I guarantee she will help you take your life to a new level."

-Angela, Entrepreneur 

"I have been absolutely in the zone! If you're just stuck and just going through it when you hit this frequency as a man it's amazing."
-Jeremy, Reality TV Star

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