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"I can't thank Jacqui enough for all that she has done for me.  There are a lot of people out there that say they are coaches, but from the first moment you meet Jacqui, you feel it in her energy, she walks the walk, she's the real deal!  We started off with new clothes and a style that worked for me.  I had no clue!  But it didn't stop there, the support and one on one coaching pushed me way past my comfort zone, reaching my goals in record amounts of time!  And being a race car driver, I'm not one to wait around for results! 
I wanted my goals ASAP, and I can't thank Jacqui enough for that.  At the end of the day, not only did she completely turn my life around, but I met lots of amazing people who I still remain close with today." 
-Vin B.,  Engineer & Professional Racing Driver, Asian Formula Renault (AFR) Driver, First American winner at Shanghai F1 Circuit
"I firmly believe that Jacqui has had a ginormous impact on how amazing my life has become. With her amazing inspiration, wisdom, guidance and motivation I have become an amazing person which in turn has led me to an amazing person and I am head over heals in love! In less than a year she helped me find my lost confidence in myself, inspired me to improve my quality of life which surprisingly helped me finally find someone that treats me with respect, kindness, and affection that I had only dreamed of. With her inspiration and confidence boost it has helped me become a more communicative and compassionate partner. We are going strong and love each other fiercely and we've even started living together. I could not have been able to find this happiness in myself and my life had it not been for Jacqui. Thank you so much!" 
-Mel A., Phoenix, AZ (Married just 1 year after working with us!)

"Just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for you and your program. The woman I'm dating is simply amazing. She is a retired cop and as it turns out works at my doctor's office, so we kind of knew each other from there and talking on the phone when I've called the office about patients. When I told her about my cancer and upcoming treatment she asked what she could do for me and told me that she'd be there for me. I honestly didn't know how to answer that question since I had essentially gone through treatment alone, even when I was married. This morning she met me at my cancer center on her way to work, I damn near cried...The tools you and Dana have given me have helped immensely and will continue to help me in all aspects of my life. I'm dating an amazing woman who is willing to take a chance with me knowing I'm facing some challenges..."  -Mike, Cancer-Survivor, Ohio

"Just wanted to say how thankful I am for you both and the program. I am now talking to 6 different woman. Met one and had a date within a few hours. Attempting to fit one more date in this crazy busy week before heading back to... for the holidays. Confidence is definitely going through the charts in comparison to before the program. Some of these women are checking off boxes I had eliminated because of lack of confidence... I have never been the ladies man, but truth be told it wasn't because of lack of attention. What it really was, was a lack of confidence. After a few major events in my life, I decided it was time for a change...This has impacted my life beyond just the dating arena, but has helped me become more confident in business, life, faith and in myself. Thank you both!" -Chad M., Virginia

"Just had an amazing first date with exactly the type of woman I envisioned. Would not have even come close without the help of Coach Jacqui and Dana and their ability to help me be myself and still be the man a woman desires."  -Tim, Florida (prior to even completing the program!)

"Jacqui has an extraordinary way of bringing people together and we are so thankful for her part in our love story! She introduced us back in 2013 and since we have fell in love, moved cross country to be together and built a full, happy life!  Much like the events of elevateYOU, we met during a trip to Vegas where Jacqui united a group of friends in an environment that allowed our relationship to happen organically. Truthfully, she did encourage things a bit, planting seeds with Josh and suggesting Angie rock a dress that put her a bit out of her ummm...comfort zone!  She saw the potential, two people that shared similar values, have so much in common,  believed would hit it off instantly, and WE DID! We lived in different parts of the country but by the end of the trip we were already making plans and booking flights to see each other again. There was no pressure like individual one-on-one dating can entail and not only did we hit it off, we also met and became friends with many other people who we still keep in touch with today.Through Jacqui, we have been introduced to some of the most positive and inspirational people we have ever met.  Stick with her and we guarantee she will help you take your life to a new level.  She brings out the best in everyone and will show you everything you have had in you all along." - Josh A, Financial Industry Entrepreneur  & Angela A, Medical Ultrasound Professional 

"Thank you, Jacqui and Dana, The unbias woman's perspective, one on one coaching and the absolute caring you both have at wanting to see me succeed, has made me feel I have transformed my approach on dating. Over the training, I discovered so many things about what I want and what attracts the right woman. I feel confident that after this training I will find a partner that fits."  -Dennis, Chicago

“After a tough couple of years and the great recession I found myself feeling not like well, myself. That’s when I engaged ElevateYOU and within months my mojo is back. I lost over 30 pounds, am more ripped than ever, started rocking my favorite eveningwear and getting out and reconnecting with friends again. My love life is at an all-time high because of it! I owe it all to Jacqui and highly recommend her programs!”

-Victoria P., Author of Confessions of a Scottsdale Cougar

"I found the Elevate You course to be insightful, and well thought out. I did learn a lot and helped me wake up to pay attention to my dating and have a much better outlook to find the woman I would want in my life. I am more attentive to my everyday life especially how it relates to woman and dating. I would recommend the course to anyone that wants to improve their life and especially in the areas of dating. Thank you Jacqui" -Leonard, Florida

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