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To Achieve The Extraordinary, We Must Be Extraordinary. 

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Every Executive and Entrepreneur reaches a plateau in their success. No matter how hard they try, they cannot seem to breakthrough to that next level. They do more of the same never realizing that what got them here, won’t get them there. They become the business's own worst enemy. Coach Jacqueline understands this and knows how to breakthrough. It requires a shift in business strategy, culture, process, mindset and the very identity of the leader. Put simply, it’s the difference between the six-figure-guys and the seven-figure-ones.



We know that you wanted to be successful, and now that you are, you long to be free but you must accept that you have built your own prison. That big vacation you’re looking forward to…will be at best nothing more than a temporary escape. That toxic if/then mindset that has you grinding towards your goals because you believe if you can just achieve that 1 specific thing… that then you will be happy. I can promise this, the grind won’t get you there. The grind is what is holding you back. Coach Jacqueline will help you design a life where both time and finances are abundant. A life you don’t need to escape. She wants to get you free.

Affectionate Newlywed


When it comes to finding love, realize that what works for everybody else, won't work for extraordinary people. Having it all except love is not winning. Career success does not automatically translate to relationship success. The best years of your life should be shared with someone who is trustworthy, can carry an intelligent conversation, that you’re attracted to and fits into your lifestyle. Our clients are finding the unicorns of the world, committing long term, getting engaged and married. Coach Jacqueline has coached thousands on finding love without settling, now it’s your turn.

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