Coach Jacqueline Von Hardy, is the founder and CEO of elevateYOU, a company born out of her own love story and a life-long passion for helping men succeed in love. 

Jacqueline holds two Master’s Degree’s and has coached thousands of men on the journey to finding true love. She was recently voted Phoenix Magazine's Top 40-Under-40,  is involved with many charitable organizations benefiting education, cancer research and animal shelters.

She’s been happily married to an old-fashioned gentleman for over a decade and they have two children together. They currently reside in Phoenix, Arizona.

"Traditional dating services only get paid when you stay single. They are all focused on introductions that make you feel productive but ultimately keep you single. Otherwise they lose your business. I have a teach them how-to-fish, rather than serve-them-fish mentality. Skills that last a lifetime and serve men throughout their entire relationship. The truth is good women are everywhere, it’s just a matter of knowing where to look and attracting them at a high level." - Coach Jacqueline Von, Founder & CEO of elevateYOU

Coach Tiffany is a DEBx speaker, holds two second-degree blackbelts, is CEO of her own self-defense company, has mentored with Elena Cardone and has impacted the lives of over 60,000 people through her live coaching and seminars.


She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Carroll University, graduated Anthony Robbins Mastery University and has held corporate leadership positions at the Director level. Above all she is an incredible coach, an incredible woman and a guy’s gal who honors and respects the natural masculinity of men!

She currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

The elevateYOU team has helped hundreds of men from all over the country on their journey to find love. Men who have worked with us are dating in abundance a caliber of women they didn't think was possible before. They have found their new girlfriend within weeks, been engaged within months and even married in less than a the love of their life!

Coach Allison, believes true beauty comes from the inside out. She has a passion for helping men succeed in both life and love!

Allison holds a Bachelor’s Degree, is a Surgical RN and holds her life-coaching certification from SWIHA! 

She has volunteered on numerous global special needs charity missions and stands on a solid foundation of good old-fashioned values. She currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

This is by design, an all female coaching team. elevateYOU's coaches are an exceptional quality of women; intelligent, educated, successful and even more beautiful on the inside than they are on the outside. They speak truth and come from a place of love. They care deeply about the success of their clients and are as much date-coaches as they are life-coaches. Whether the challenges are around confidence or strategy, they have overcome it all!

Coach Stacey is truly an angel. She comes to us from the world famous, Mayo Clinic. She holds a Doctoral degree from Purdue University and is a graduate of Ascension Leadership Academy, among the best coaching programs in the country.


She is involved in many charitable organizations and even once auctioned herself off for a date benefiting education for foster-kids! Stacey’s no-BS approach to coaching gets results and she has a passion for seeing men in our program succeed in love.


She too is the horse’s mouth and gives our clients raw, honest feedback from an A+ woman’s perspective. She currently resides in San Diego, California.

Yes, nice guys CAN finish FIRST!.. and we'll prove it! Only insecure women fall for cocky arrogance and men who treat them like garbage. You can still be a gentleman, generous, loving, kind AND be with a high-quality women who values you! We understand that kindness is NOT weakness!

Coach Kjersti,  has been happily married for over a decade, is a mother to two beautiful children and truly lives good old fashioned Midwest values. 


She has been coaching since the early 2000's hold's a Bachelor's Degree, is an entrepreneur and believes you were not put here to be average, you were put here to be awesome!


She currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Magic formula is first Finding quality women, next Attracting them at a high level through Authenticity, and lastly Maintaining the relationship!

- Coach Jacqueline Von, Founder & CEO of elevateYOU

Coach Dana's got the one-two-punch. She has been a part of elevateYOU from the beginning. She has an impressive background in coaching and education spanning over a decade. She is a graduate of Ascension Leadership Academy, holds a Bachelor's Degree in addition to extensive post-graduate level college coursework.

She is an international cover model and has even caught the attention of Hollywood insiders for her amazing coaching abilities.


She is also involved in many charitable causes benefiting the homeless and victims of sex abuse. She is the horse’s mouth, and brings a quality woman’s point of view to our clients dating journey.

She currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

Coach Stephanie, is an incredible woman and leader. She is a Master's prepared RN with an impressive background in nursing senior leadership including the world-famous Mayo Clinic. She is a dynamic woman and when she isn't coaching with us she is either running hospitals or working on her pilot's license!


She understands a quality woman wants a man who is a leader she can respect.  She currently resides in Tampa, Florida.

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